Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Why Your Business Needs A Blog | Marketing Tips | Boise, Idaho | Jolt Influence

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Multiple times I’ve had clients ask me why they need a blog for their business not knowing how important it can be in regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can help boost their sales.

In the past, blogs have primarily been just that, blogs. A place to share thoughts, ideas, and content. The majority of blogs started without the idea of selling products or services. But now, more than ever before, it’s important for businesses to flip that notion and have a blog themselves.

Increase Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of adjusting your website so that it can appear in a better position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

One main way to increase your SEO and appear higher on the SERPs is to write consistent content that aligns with your products. This content would focus on educating your potential customers on topics that are related to the products you sell.

Not only will this content help your SEO, but it will also help you be identified as an expert in your field, and start to develop a community with your customers.

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Become A Field Expert.

Consistently writing content related to one theme will show that you’re knowledgeable about that topic. In turn, you will gain your customer’s trust and business.

Chances are, your customers would like to get to know you before they consider purchasing your products or services. When was the last time you bought something from a company that you didn’t know very well? You probably spent a bit of time doing your search and making sure the company meshed well with your own morals and ethics.

This leads us into the idea that after getting to know you, your customer will need to decide if they like you. Customers don’t make purchases from companies they don’t like, it’s as simple as that.

And lastly, trust is the most important. Your website and blog will need to exuberate trustworthiness.

Create A Community.

A blog can help you to easily start a community of individuals that could potentially buy your products or services.

How? People naturally like to discuss topics with each other.

The comments section of a blog post is where you may first start to see these interactions. And if you share your posts on social media (which you should be doing!) you’ll start to see little communities form on each channel – each one feeling connected to your brand because of the content you share.

Here you’ve developed a captivated audience that wants more from you (whether it be more content or specific products/services).


Why Your Business Needs A Blog | Marketing Tips | Boise, Idaho | Jolt Influence



Your website and business will astronomically benefit from the addition of a blog. The three benefits listed above just touch the surface of the perks you’d see from developing a blog specifically for your business. Starting a blog doesn’t need to be difficult either! Make sure to read my guide on how to start a profitable blog and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, send me an email at hello@joltinfluence.com and let’s chat!

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