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We initially started chatting with Heather back in March of 2018 when she decided to take her passion for adoption online. With a desire to share tips and advice on the entire adoption process Heather was in need of a brand and a website. After launching her blog, Heather returned to Jolt Influence in February 2019 seeking guidance on how to grow her website traffic and monetize her website.

The Brand.

We created a primary and secondary logo, favicon, profile picture graphic, and signature for Heather and her For The Love of Adoption brand. After building out her color palette and deciding on a desired font, we took her original vision of a heart & triangle logo and turned it into a custom graphic using a stylized font, watercolor texture, and her brand’s primary colors.

We also worked one-on-one with Heather to design a set of business cards – allowing her to share her blog offline.



The Website.

Along with branding, Heather was also in need of a website to share her blog posts. The package that Heather chose (and one that we often recommend to new bloggers) is the ‘Website Setup’. Essentially what we do is pick a pre-built theme that fits your needs, and brand, and tailor it to you! We’ll customize the colors, add your images and content, build up to 5 different pages for you, and make sure everything is ready to go. That way all you have to worry about is writing new blog posts.

For Heather’s site, we chose the ‘Holly & Weave’ theme by Pipdig. We highly recommend Pipdig themes they’re easy to setup and have fantastic support.

If you’re interested is viewing Heather’s live website please click the button below.

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One-on-one Coaching.

After working on her blog for about a year Heather was ready to see an improvement in site traffic and learn how to monetize her blog. Unsure of what exactly to do, she sought out the guidance of Hayle, an experienced Blogger. Hayle and Heather worked one-on-one two times a month for an hour each session. During these sessions, Hayle coached Heather through the process of creating a foundation and building upon it.

In addition to hour-long coaching calls, Heather was also provided with multiple worksheets/checklists and a 19-page workbook.

eBook Editing & Design.

Part of the business strategy that we outlined for Heather was to write and sell an eBook. When she finalized the writing process she turned to Hayle to assist with editing and designing her eBook.

We chose to design Heather’s ebook in Canva so that she would have the ability to easily make any necessary changes at a later date.

Hayle designed 26 pages for the ebook, created a mockup and ads to place on the For The Love of Adoption website, and built an informative product page to help sell the ebook.

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