Travel blogs are one of my favorite things to read and explore. As someone who hasn’t done a lot of traveling themselves, reading about other people’s adventures always intrigues me.

After blogging the past three years I’ve learned a few tips and tricks when it comes to creating titles for a blog post. About a year ago a friend of mine started his own travel blog – I instantly had a list of blog post ideas running through my head… it wasn’t until now that I finally got them written down.

If you’re just starting your travel blog or maybe you’ve hit a rut and can’t think of any new content ideas, here’s a list of 15 travel blog post ideas for you.

15 Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

  • What I Pack In My Carry-on
  • # Things You Should Pack In Your Carry-on
  • What To Wear In city/country name: Packing List
  • What To Pack For A Week In city/country name
  • # Things To Leave At Home When Traveling
  • # Things To Pack When Going On A Backpacking Trip
  • The Ultimate Guide To Buying Cheap Plane Tickets
  • The Best Places To Visit In city/country name
  • How To Recharge After A Long Day of Traveling
  • The Ultimate Guide To Visiting city/country name
  • # Things To Do In city/country name This season
  • Things To Do In city/country name: Everything You Need To Know
  • # Ways To Explore city/country name
  • Top Tips For Visiting city/country name
  • # Reasons To Fall In Love With city/country name

Make sure to modify anything that is orange to better match the article you’re writing.

Coming up with new blog post ideas is a lot easier than it may seem. Simply think of the most common questions that people ask, how can you answer their questions in a creative way? I hope this list has helped inspire some new blog post ideas for you!

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